Whether your junior golfer is just beginning to learn how to play golf or has been playing for years, I am happy to help them with everything from fundamentals, to playing tips, to mental game strategy. Lessons can be held in Edgerton or at Vitense Golfland in Madison.

Junior Private Golf Lesson Rates

30 minutes                    $45

45 minutes                    $60

60 minutes                    $75


Junior Private Golf Lesson Packages

Repetition is KEY to making improvements and lowering scores. My golf lesson packages are the best way to practice what we have learned in previous sessions and carry those thoughts forward into other sessions and onto the course.

Par 3 Package

Includes (3) 30 minute lessons

Par 4 Package

Includes (4) 30 minute lessons & notebook for swing thoughts

Par 5 Package

Includes (5) 30 minute lessons & notebook for swing thoughts




Junior Group Golf Lesson Packages

Group Par 4 Package

Includes (4) 45 minute lessons & notebook for swing thoughts for all participants

Group Par 3 Package

Includes (3) 45 minute lessons

Group Par 5 Package

Includes (5) 45 minute lessons & notebook for swing thoughts

Group lessons are a great way to work on your golf swing in a relaxed group setting.

The rates below are for groups of 2-4 students. Prices are per junior.




If you would like a group lesson with more than 4 people, please contact me and we will personalize a group lesson plan together!