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My sister and I are both getting a new puppy on January 6th!  My puppy's name is Breslyn (after the Breslin Center at MSU, but with a feminine twist on the spelling) and my sister's puppy's name is Bella - we are so excited for them to come home with us!!  

My sister and her now fiance, Dillon, came down to caddie for me in Longwood, FL and we took a trip to Sea World!  It was such a fun day and tournament with them!  We even got the chance to pet the dolphins!

 I had an amazing weekend watching my sister compete in her last BIG TEN Championship.  I also had to take a photo with my freshman year Championship win memory!

I was able to play in a 9-hole shootout to try to get into the LPGA Volvik Championship.  I ended up playing in a playoff and losing, but I was so close and really enjoyed the experience!!  My sister was my caddie that day, so at least we had a lot of fun together! (Picture to the right)

My sister and I both played in the Island Resort & Casino Championship in Harris, MI again this summer! The weather was beautiful in these pictures, but it wasn't as pretty during our second round where we played in a downpour the entire time!  I am so glad I was able to play in the same tournament as my sister - it ended up being her last tournament for the summer due to an injury.

I'm so excited to announce that I am officially part of the Callaway family!  I love the new Epic clubs, and the green on them makes them even better!  Thank you, Callaway!!

I had a wonderful Pro-Am group in Florida! A really fun and entertaining group  I also got to play a practice round with my former teammate Liz and see some gators!

When I am at home I love to spend time with these awesome kids from the first tee! My second passion in life is working with kids.

Beautiful view every morning from the hotel in California! Love the mountains!


While on the road I love to be able to interact with kids! I loved answering all there questions and signing autographs!  It makes you appreciate what we players get to do everyday!

On my off weeks I love spending time with my family! I'm working on the next Ferrell golfer!

I am so lucky to have Edgerton TCC in my backyard to practice on during the off weeks. I love the view from the 18th tee box where I love to practice driver swings!

My sister and her boyfriend, Dillon, moved into a new apartment!  It was a busy few days moving them in, but now I get to hang out with them all the time!

During the winter months of the off-season, I get to spend a lot of time with my cousins, Ava & Easton!  They both love to take pictures using the fun Snapchat filters!

My former Michigan State teammate, Liz Nagel, came to visit me in Wisconsin!  It was a fun-filled weekend!

My sister, her boyfriend, and I were able to take a trip to East Lansing in January!  Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Skandalaris, we were able to watch a basketball game courtside!!

Easton turned 4 in January and she loved her birthday party!  She even had a special outfit for her party with her name and her age (4) on it!

My flight home from LPGA Rookie Training was rescheduled, so I got an extra night to enjoy the warmth!

Once a Spartan, always a Spartan!  I watch every Spartan basketball game and my family watches them with me!  

I have a passion for working with kids. I have enjoyed getting involved with the First Tee during my off season!

What a fantastic way to start 2017 - I AM A MEMBER OF THE LPGA TOUR!!!  My mom and sister had a sign taped to the garage door when I returned home from Qualifying School!

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